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Brownlow Medal Free Bets, Bonus Offers, Tips, Odds & Betting

    Brownlow Medal Free Bets, Bonus Offers, Tips, Odds & Betting
November 10th, 2018 | Posted by Peter

Brownlow Medal

Interesting from one regard in that a player who is suspended during the course of the AFL home-and-away season automatically becomes ineligible. In 2017, Patrick Dangerfield looked a lock, until a one-game suspension of the next-to-last game of the season handed the award to Dustin Martin.

The best odds will be found at market opening for those seeking a windfall.

Markets for the 2019 season are already up and several bookies think the award for next season will go to the 2018 winner, Tom Mitchell. Dustin Martin is on the second line and 2015 winner Nat Fyfe opens on the third line.

The list of players from which punters can select is always long, as it is nearly impossible to determine which player will get the most votes from the umpires under the current voting system.

Odds & Tips for 2019

Mitchell is a $7 chance, while the tail end of the futures market belongs to James Sicily at $251.

Punters often select a player from the club they support and it is quite an interesting market to observe as the season progresses.

Critics of the Brownlow Medal are often quick to say that the award too often goes to midfielders, but that seems a case of poetic justice to others, as a midfielder is seldom in the conversation for the Coleman Medal, handed to the player kicking the highest number of goals during the season.

Punters with exotic tastes and high-risk tolerance might seek a market on a punt to select both the Brownlow and Coleman Medals.

It is very likely that the bookies will offer a market on Mitchell to repeat, but while the years since 2000 have seen several players take home a second Brownlow Medal, the last player to win back-to-back Brownlow Medals was St. Kilda’s Robert Harvey, dating back to 1997 and 1998, so punters can expect a nice dividend for backing Tom Mitchell if he can repeat.

The years Harvey won, 1997 and 1998, the Saints were pretty good, so the observation that the Brownlow Medal is often handed to a player on an underachieving team does not withstand scrutiny.

One potential edge a punter could get, albeit a tenuous one, would be to select the best midfielder from the teams that have produced the most Brownlow Medal winners. That would be Sydney, which has four more Brownlows that closest pursuer Western Bulldogs.

Aussie rules punters have shown great affinity and loyalty for the Brownlow Medal market over the years and it makes a good market for those who want to maintain interest throughout the long season.

The bookies will often promote betting on the Brownlow Medal, singly or in combination with other AFL markets, so betting on the Brownlow Medal winner is one way to qualify for some of the various promotions.