Best Australian Bookmakers Review Review

Ladbrokes has a long and storied history dating back to England in the late 1800s.

They are one of the largest agencies around, due, in no small part, to over 2,000 storefront operations in the UK and Ireland.s

The online betting operation in Australia came on in 2013 and was launched by Dean Shannon, who had his toe in the water the year prior as the founder of

They offer thousands of punting markets daily from around the world, covering sports and racing, as well as some markets on entertainment and current events.

Australian racing punters have access to plenty of bet types, ranging from win and place fixed odds betting to the exotic bet types. Ladbrokes’ Best Tote product offers punters the top price of the three TABS and the Starting Price on certain races, providing a convenient way to place wagers that assure the highest returns without shopping all the bookies.

Racing punters with a conservative approach make use of the Favourite versus Field feature across all three racing codes, which almost makes race punting equivalent to sports punting in terms of simplicity.

Like most Australian online bookmakers, Ladbrokes is licensed by the Northern Territory.

In the fiercely competitive environment of Australian online wagering, minimum funding and bet requirements are so low as to be a non-factor.

The Ladbrokes website is one of those with which we have a love/hate relationship. It does feature the ubiquitous three-column layout, so locating codes, markets, odds and filling out a betting slip is almost second nature. There are quick links to major racing and sporting events, which does cut down on the amount of clicking.

The thing which we do not especially like is that the pages seem crowded and small text makes us feel that they are trying to do too much on one page. Still, when we want to get a picture of what is going on, this is often the first site we visit. We find lots and lots of markets, competitive odds and helpful information designed to make selections simple. Ladbrokes’ margin is slightly above the average, but not prohibitively so and only punters who make hundreds or thousands of wagers per year need experience any concern on this front.

Many punters like the ‘Quickbet’ feature that can be custom configured to place a wager with three clicks.

We like the mobile version of the website, as it allows us to use our smartphones without a stand-alone app, saving us storage and eliminating those pesky permissions. Those who prefer an app will find one for Android and Apple devices.

Banking options are quite numerous, such that we would say that any punter who cannot find a way to fund a Ladbrokes account is hopeless.

The Ladbrokes card is a prime feature that offers ATM convenience for deposits and withdrawals.

Our conclusion is that Ladbrokes, of all the online bookmakers, might be our first choice if we could have just one. They could and do function as an additional option to other bookmakers, just to keep everyone honest.